Bigfoot: The Elusive Legend

Bigfoot: The Elusive Legend

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Bigfoot: The Elusive Legend


Welcome to this week's special episode of the Haunts and Legends Podcast, where we dive deep into the legend of Bigfoot! But first, join us as we recap an eventful weekend at My Haunted Manor, filled with ghostly encounters, including a large bat that gave us quite a scare.

In this episode, we discuss the infamous Patterson film and debate its authenticity. We delve into various theories surrounding Bigfoot, including its potential psychic abilities, interdimensional travel, and ties to Native American legends.


We also explore historical sightings and reports, from David Thompson's footprint discovery in Canada to the Cherokee belief in Bigfoot's supernatural powers. Join us as we ponder whether Bigfoot is an evolved species of ancient apes or a manifestation of collective human belief.

Stay tuned as we plan future adventures to find proof of Bigfoot and other cryptids, bringing you live updates and investigations from some of the most mysterious locations around the world.

Don't miss out on this thrilling episode and join the conversation as we unravel the mysteries of Bigfoot, the king of cryptids!

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